Sunday Musings

There is ALOT about my childhood I would love to forget. Those who know, know what I mean (Those who don't trust me I would). I think a major reason I made it to adulthood with a least alittle sanity left (if you call this sane lol) is focusing on the things I would like to remember. This morning I found myself missing a few of those better things from then. I miss being out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by woods. I miss going out to feed the chickens and gather eggs. I miss fresh eggs for breakfast, from said chickens. I miss raising pigs and always having a supply of "homegrown" pork. You know, bacon, sasuage, ham, pork chops etc... same goes with cows. I miss those things. We never had pastureland for cows but Dad had a deal with the neighbor (who lived a ways away) that we would swap pork for beef when it come time to butcher the animals. I hated working in the garden growing up. Now I would love to be on my own land to have my own garden to work. I wouldn't have to worry about the lease running out in the middle of the gardening season and moving... I miss not EVER having to lock our doors or windows. Hell I don't think I knew windows locked until I was grown. I miss the sounds of no traffic, if you heard a car and didn't recognize the sound of it from a mile away it was company. Life was not simple by any means back then, but some parts were just better. I guess I miss the country. Well enough rambling it's time to get busy.

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