Monday! Monday! Monday!

OK Well Mark Martin came in 4th in the Notell I mean Nextel Cup standings... Kirt "I'll whine if I want to" Bush won. blah blah blah At least Mark beat Jr hehehehe Ummm totally disgusted at the fights going on during sporting events. Lou Holtz's last game at South Carolina and they fight! Here he is 67 yrs old trying to keep his football players from fighting with the other team. They all need to be horsewhipped! SHAMEFUL! If I'd been Lou I would have walked off the field and not went to the locker room with them. As for the NBA fight, they better charge the fans involved too, and just as harshly as the players, there was NO CALL for any of that. Sunday, we got to cuddle late it was great. Oh and Saturday we got our tree. Not a real one. But it isn't to bad. I didn't accomplish anything other than the hat this weekend. In fact I ended up frogging Nathaniel's Football. It just wasn't looking right (Yeah that's the way I am if I can't see it taking shape a froggin' I will go)-- For you non-crocheters frogging is ripping out. So I will start anew and hope for better results. Thanks to all for the comments on my grandfather and on the hat. You all rock.

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