Weary Wednesday

I was awaken this morning by HB (for those of you who don't know thats Hambut the cat), crawling in between me and hubby, purring and chirping(he does actually chirp when he wants to be babied) So he got good lovins and nuzzles and scratches which of course got the outboard motor really going (purrs) Hubby turned over then he got even more. So the kitty is happy. Especially since Daddy had to get up (since it was about that time) and kitty got Mommy all to himself. Until curiousity got the better of him and he had to go see what was going on everywhere else. HB is so funny at times, he loves getting his face in mine and nuzzling if not that then it's a paw. It was a bad sleep night for both David and I, his brother called after we were in bed so of course that creates the "Well I am awake now" thingy in your mind and you have to gear up for bed all over again. On the "I am a big baby" front, I am going to have to check out the forecast I think it must be gonna rain as my bones hurt so bad this morning. Had a heck of a time making the bed. (Yeah yeah I know bitch n moan) Sis has left her MIL and gone back to her little home with no computer set up. So I'll be without her for almost a whole week. Miss my morning chats with her. Course this last time we didn't get much morning chatting done but we did catch each other in the afternoons. I hope to get some more crochety goodness going on today. HOPEFULLY! Wish me luck.

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