Something happened here yesterday evening that upset me greatly. I had been discussing a previous entry I had made with some people. One of whom had an opposing view. It wasn't a heated discussion and I was actually enjoying the exchange of opinion. In the mean time my husband commented to her in reply to something this person had said (he was at work) and she replied back in a manner that irritated him. When he got home and saw it he replied in kind back. Not realizing my name was the name entered into the field since I had been commenting earlier; so when it posted it said it was from me. As a result of that there was a personal attack levied against me and my husband by this person. I will not tolerate personal attacks. They are uncalled for. I never said I was a genius, do not care if my grammar isn't proper enough for you or if I misspell words. I am not typing to please anyone but myself. My husband has removed the remark and this person said they would not be back. It matters little for the damage has been done.

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