Grrrr, Monday.

I hate Monday's. There's no nice way to say, they just suck! It pretty much misted/rained all day yesterday and it's misting now. Thats just adds to the mood lol David did smoke yesterday. He smoked a turkey breast and some pork steak and we made stuffing (well he made it, from scratch) and Potato salad. The turkey and pork was soooooooooooooooo good it should be considered a sin. I cannot believe that everytime he smokes he outdoes himself. It's just amazing. No luck on the racing front in fact it was so bad Mark dropped from 4th to 5th in the points. And I will say again, I believe this new "race to the chase/chase to the Championship" is a total crock. Football, Indy won, Dallas lost, Jacksonville lost, Minnesota won, KC didn't play, and St Louis won. Superman died... Mt St Helens passed some more steam. I finished one side of Belle's Christmas Stocking and have about 1/4 of the other side done. There a couple political things I'd like to go over but I will post later on them if I can.


DAWN said...

It's a shame about Superman dying- - I really liked him. Hey, I like your "Free Martha" button! ~DAWN

David said...

Yes it's a shame when anyone dies. But, I would like to assert that he was hurt compeating in a dangerious sport. And after being hurt he was all for stemcell research. Ok I hurt myself now lets kill babies to find a cure.

Kari said...

The Jawa Report- Christopher Reeve: Down Like a Clown Charlie Brown

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