It's about time!

Blogger has been totally screwy to me today, I could not get in to post until now. Couldn't go to anyone's blog but mine, it was weird. Anyway I wrote this mornin while I couldn't get into blogger.
Well, it appears blogger has had a nervous breakdown. So while I wait to get my morning blog on I will use word for my urgent need to blog my life. After David got home from work we went and did the early vote thing, "vote early, vote often" lmao ( I shouldn't laugh, with all the talk of voter fraud that's probably the case in some places); then went to Hobby Lobby and oooohed and ahhhed over their Christmas goodies. Found some way cool things that we will probably be going back for. We did get a wreath and Sean a Santa that sits on the mantel to hang a stocking from. Of course we went to the yarn section too; I did buy two balls of thread (one green and one red) to make a wreath but now (since we bought a wreath) I may make ornaments with them. Hey they were 88 cents! I should have picked up some more yarn to get to work on the rest of the Christmas presents but it's hard for me to do that sometimes; make myself spend money on something I want. I also really need to get the what I have going on right one done too. So I will get the footballs done for the boys; Belle's sweater and Nathaniels stocking done, the special request from a friend for her daughter and David's hats THEN I will grab some yarn for the rest of the presents. Well most important are the footballs and the stocking and sweater, I can work on D's hats and the special request (can't post it cuz the recipient might be reading) while working on other things. OK I just realized I have been rambling about yarn and crocheting. The Cards totally blew that game last night... They deserve to lose the series enough said... Well it's 6:30 am my blogger dashboard still hasn't loaded. The load of clothes is done and waiting for it to get light enough for me to go hang them out. (oh joy) So I guess it's time to go run the dishwasher and straighten up the kitchen and mop. Well it's almost 8:30 am, The dishwasher isn't working. The boy is being a monster, I battled skeeters and spiders and hung the clothes out, my back is hurting like crazy, and my mood is not getting any better and my head hurts.. In fact I wonder why I even got up today.
So as you can tell my day has been a bad one. I'm half tempted to go crack open a bottle of wine and have a glass.

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