That word doesn't even come close to describing how I feel at this moment. There is a person whose blog I read who is a military wife, her husband is in Iraq now as we speak. I started reading her blog because she crochets. Now, awhile back I went to read her blog and it was gone. Pretty much nothing but a blank page. I checked back several times but there was never anything there. Well it concerned me a little because it is highly unlike someone to just get rid of their blog. So I was afraid something was wrong. She hadn't been to the messageboard for crocheters either in awhile. Well I emailed her to check to see. She emailed me back saying she took her blog down because she was getting "hate" mail from people because her husband is in the military and she supports him and the troops and she just couldn't handle it anymore. OK now I am totally outraged. THIS IS NOT RIGHT PEOPLE!!!!! It's sickening. I'm not wanting to turn this into a political debate. This is about some nonhumans who think it is fun to pick on someone whos husband is overseas fighting in a war. It doesn't matter if you don't like the war or don't agree, you do not harass people because of it. You know what? The people who have to pick on the military wives and families of those in the service are scum, lower than scum, not even worthy to lick the scum off of the scum!!!!!!!!!!!! You want to pick on someone why don't you get in touch with me, we'll decide on a meeting place and meet up and we'll discuss all about how you feel about the war and picking on military wives while the ER Dr is removing my cowboy boot from your ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn lowlife idiots with no life and no brain with nothing better to do with their worthless pathetic excuse of a world than to pick on someone whose husband is out making our world a better place. YOU MAKE ME SICK AND SHOULD GO BE A HUMAN SHIELD! I'm sure some would like the target practice!

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