Hairdryers, yarn, and naps

That boy of mine refuses to take a nap. LOL Not that it's THAT much of a bother, I would just like a little spot of peace and quiet oh well. He is also highly scared of the hairdryer. I even reeach for it and off he runs. Then he peeks around the corner to make sure I'm ok while I'm using it. He's such a cutie. I've been unwinding cone yarn into some more managable balls to work on Christmas presents. Mainly the boys footballs. Have 1/4 of one hat done for David. Have two rows of shawl done. Am out of sorts today as David's work is having phone problems so I haven't gotten any emails from him. I am way to spoiled hehe I miss him so much when he's not here. We're going to go to Hobby Lobby tonight if he doesn't have to work to late. I mentioned that they had a sale and have trees 30%off... I think he realizes that when I mention HL and sale theres yarn involved too hehe It doesn't cost to look! Well gotta go check the mail.

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