Jr swearing

This is the article which is by far to stupid to even post here so you'll have to go read it yourself. Yahoo! Sports - NASCAR - Swearing by Junior Here's the reply I sent this doofus:
You know what? I am glad they fined him. I'm one of those saying they had no choice. I don't care who his daddy was or if he was mad or happy, he cussed and if NASCAR is going to start having any credibility whatsoever then they need to start having some balls and start enforcing rules equally across the board! Everyone complained when it seemed that Tony Stewart was being coddled and wanted things to be equally enforced, but I guess that is just for those drivers who aren't Dale Sr's kids. Racing has gone to bleep in a bleeping handcart and there is only one bleeping way to handle it, and that is by having some sort of consistancy in it's bleeping enforcement of penalties. Oh and just for the record, I am not a JR fan, I am a Mark Martin and Tony Stewart fan; but I am one fan who believes that they did not do enough to penalize Tony for his actions earlier in the season. If they are going to have these rules (some of which are BULLBLEEP!), then they need to be men about it and actually enforce them even if it may not popular! Kari Holtz


David said...

My such language do you kiss your husband with that mouth?

Kari said...

hehe Sorry dear.

Smoke Eater said...

Kari, check my site in about 2 hours for my reply to this man.

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