Well yesterday's 20% chance of rain turned into an all day rain event. We didn't go to the fair (not because of the rian just because). Oklahoma won.WOOHOO! KState lost (CRAP!) Missouri won actually did a dang good job of winning. (30-10 vs Baylor) Virgina Tech won, Notre Dame won, South Carolina lost, we won't even begin to talk about Nebraska. Now for today it's racing and nfl... Thankfully Kansas City has a bye week so I don't have to worry about being embarrassed by them this week. All the teams I figured to do good are doing bad- no not just bad but way stinky like they don't know how to play football bad. The race is at Kansas, hopefully Mark Martin will continue to do well. He is fourth in points. It would be so nice to see him with a championship, just once before he retires. Well 70% chance of rain today so it'll be hit and miss for my laundry (at least the hanging out part) and David's smoked turkey breast- yum yum! We went to Lowes yesterday to get the stuff to fix the lamp the went crazy the other day. We saw a bunch of Christmas goodies that we'd love to pick up. And a couple that we are gonna pick up come next Thursday, one of which isn't Christmas related but is a very large windchime that is absolutly beautiful (yeah I know me and my chimes :P). We still have to get a tree, David said maybe we'll get a real tree this year. Yeah I know it's not even Columbus Day and I am talking XMas- It's Lowes fault. Funny thing about Lowes, everytime we go I am reminded of not to long after we moved to Springfield (Christmastime '02) and we went to Lowes and david sang throughout the store. It was cute. I love him so much. He is so cute especially around Christmas time. On the crochet front I have finally figured out Belle's Christmas stocking and will have it finished soon.

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Joann said...

Army won a nascar...the NFL ref I drive was in Texas for the Cowboy game . I pick him up tonight at San Jose Airport. My brother loves Formula 1 so I tape the race for him. Michael Schumacher won again.... I would love a real tree, then I never get one, this year?

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