Going through a bit of some down time... maybe the moon? Speaking of moon, we missed the eclipse was cloudy here. Gotta shake this down mood. I can tell this will be a bad one if I can't. I won't let myself get way down. I can't. OK well anyway Cards lost, knew they would...still had hoped but.... at least it was good that the Sox won cuz it had been so long, that took the sting of loss away some. Didn't get much done crochetwise yesterday, had to much to do, with the dishwasher not working it's a constant task keeping up with dishes, there's still a sinkful this morning that I will have to do. Want to finish one of David's hats or get close. Have to refind a football pattern cuz mine just isn't looking right and want to compare. Got my secret pal, so I will start looking for things for the first package(starts nov 1st), I have somethings in mind to make too.

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