Wow, another week has flown by. Can you believe it? You know when I was younger and never happy with life time always seemed to drag by. Now that I am older and deeply in love and happy with life time flies by; and I don't want it to! I want time to slow down and let me enjoy my life with David. Well at least the weekends going slow would help, I mean it seems like they never last very long at all, and there is always so much to be done. OK enough whining; we didn't watch the debate. We watched "Alamo", which surprisingly, is a pretty good movie. Another thing to mention "toywise" is Blog Daisy. It's a blog directory for Women Bloggers. OK I hear David stirring around so I'm off to get his coffee. We MAY be going to the fair today, we're not sure if thats what we want to do or not. Have a good weekend everyone. I know I will because my sweetie is home.

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