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Cheney Meant to Say 'Factcheck.org'
(CNSNews.com) - Bloggers are buzzing about the fact that Vice President Dick Cheney mistakenly referred viewers of Tuesday night's debate to factcheck.com when he meant factcheck.org. The 'factcheck.com' website Cheney mistakenly mentioned was established in February -- updated in September, according to the WHO IS registry of domain names -- and it redirects viewers to a George Soros website, titled, "Why We Must Not Re-Elect George Bush."
Can we say "Open mouth, insert foot?"


Sutty's Crochet Blog said...

Kari you are crazy girlfriend. I love your new blog there is soooo much to read and look at. How come you don't post any pic's of your crochet? Sutty

Kari said...

Thanks Sutty.
About crochet pics. Problem is anything that I have finished recently is intended as presents. Don't want to give anyone a peek into what they may be getting form me!
Last thing I made that I could have shown I let get out of the house before I snapped any pics!

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