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In answer to your comment: First I will again (as I have before in other circles we have traveled in together) Thank you for your service to this country and for your husband's continued service. Now onto the answer: I find it amazing how your comment was dripping with venom yet you end with "No hard feelings". Your comment was by all appearences intended to provoke for whatever reason. "...I guess we should all be speaking Native American and of course that depends on what tribe we are from.... " I cannot be made to feel bad for something that was done to a peoples hundreds of years ago. I was not there. "a simple smile and 'Excuse me' would have been fine to get where you need to get...I'm from San Diego I know how it can be-" I'm glad that where you are from that works for you; as it generally gets you blank stares around here. But then I do not expect you to understand that. "Actually it's not the spanish or Latino that is the problem (if that socio-economic population (not 'herd') was taken away us lily white people would feel it no doubt)...." Actually it was the fact they were speaking another language in front of us in a manner that can be taken as maybe they were talking about us (obviously I do not know if they were or not but as I said in my post if you speak a different language in front of others laughing and such expect someone to think that you are making fun of them)- I do not care for anyone from another country being in our country LEGALLY, thats fine. "people either get it or don't." Oh Boy Howdy, I couldn't agree more. "Wonder if Bush would apprieciate all those comments? (being that they have Mexican in the family!)" Well personally I have yet to hear any of the Bush's speaking another language in front of mostly English speaking public in a manner such as I was talking about. "I think it's a crying shame when people lose their language because its taught that it is ugly to speak it around other people!" I never said it shouldn't be spoken period, I just feel if you are going to live here you could have the decency to speak English in public. I would not move to another country and go around in public speaking English in front of people who couldn't understand me. I just don't think that would be polite- excuse me for wanting to be treated with the same respect. "really doubt they were talking about you..people have better things to do...probably talking about what they will be doing around dinner or how thankful they are they are 'buying' the fruit and perhaps not 'picking' the fruit!! One can only wonder!" Oh I really doubt they were talking about us as well, but given the context of the evening (you did read the whole post did you not?) it might be that it could be taken as such. Ummm before you play the picking fruit card please be aware that my entire family (both sides ) were fruit tramps up until I was a small child. So no I do not think poorly of people who go around picking fruit, harvesting wheat, canning, seasonal work is something that has to be done. "I will say I'm sorry to you- I know it's your blog and I've probably stepped over the line being that was your true feeling and in your blog it's a personal issue. My husband (whose black...yikes! I'm sure that just tears some people apart to seeing that too! Drats...they were made to be taught English too!) anyway he will continue fighting for his country so everyone CAN have their opinions (I fought for my country too for some time also) It's what makes the world go around :) no hard feelings.... " As for your husband being black... why that was brought up is beyond me for that is neither any of my business nor concern as it has no relevance, in less you are referring to white people making blacks into slaves then I will point to above where I say I can not be made to feel responsible for something someone did hundreds of years ago to any one peoples. I do not feel the remaining comment needs an answer. As most was already covered in various other parts.


David said...

This is in response to the bubble headed twit who commented concernindg what was precieved as a racial slur. Listen twit get a life, not only is Kari part "Native American" (just how long does a family have to live here to have that title. Or is it reserved for people who migrated from asis thru Alaska or up from South America alone?) My family came to this country with Willim Penn and we have fought to defend the freedoms you have since then in every conflict this wonderful Country has been in!!!! Including the one to give freedom to the slaves twit. If you were ever to travel south of the border with an American of mexican heritage who does not speak their language you would see that person would be made to feel like a leaper, because they can't speak "their native tongue". I have seen it where one of my best friends had to sit in the car because they were so mean to him. I have been in many foriegn countries and they don't cater to others as much as we do. Now lastly I don't care about you or who you are married to nor do I care what you do for a living, free country and all, this is Kari's blog stay the hell off.In case you can't tell I hate the BS you espouse!!!!

ThreeOliveMartini said...

you know i hate condescending people and of course i hate people that assume things... Kari was blowing off about her day .. she wasnt being prejudiced in anyway ... If you dont like what is being said in her blog .. then dong fucking read it... you, PJ, are one of the stupid people (in case you havent figured it out)..you are the kind of person that goes around to other peoples blogs making terrible comments trying to make them feel bad so you feel better.. yes i know your kind.. YOU SUCK...also... I know this is Kari and David's place to put you in yours.. but I just couldnt let this pass by.. I feel you should make every effort to speak the language of the country you are in ... period.. when I travel to other countries.. I try as hard as I can because It is courtesy...I have not problems with people beign bilingual.. Let me as you this .. since your husband is black... does he speak his native language as well or only english? and if he does speak his native language does he speak it with other in public ? I speak 10 languages but in America I only use one.. i have one last thing to say ... YOU ARE A FLAMING FUCK WIT!!

Kari and David.. i am sorry if this wasnt the time or place.. I get all fired up and have to say things.. Hope you BOTH have a great day!

David said...

Let me try to explain one more time twit, if you make someone mad it isnt striking a nerve it is because I HATE STUPID people, ones who are so self indulgent they think they are important enough to be everyone elses conscience. Guess what YOUR not, and not only that your wrong and can't even see it! Now leave it alone and go away, we don't want you as a hanger on just to try and be important in some's life. I am sorry you are not important to your family or husband and have no other life so, go away and try to make someone else miserable as you are, We don't need liberal drival here. If you think you are being cute , your not. Isnt it strange that you want to be where you are not wanted. Maybe its because you are not wanted anywhere. You also were brought up to be an impolite brat who thinks the world revolves around her. For the last time go away!!! David

Tracy said...

Wow, I think that was a bit harsh threeolivemartini. I don't think there's a need to use the words "fuck wit".

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