St Louis won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For once they didn't choke in post season! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!! The Cards are going to the World Series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!
"It's every little boy's dream. I'm glad to have won the MVP, but that trophy is going to stay right in this room because everybody here is MVP," Pujols said.
I don't really have anything else to say. Yesterday I felt so bad I didn't get much of anything accomplished, while shivering under a blanket in the couch I started a hat for the boy. Don't feel quite so bad but still feel pretty rough, hopefully yesterday will have been the worst and I'll start getting better. HAVE to clean house today whether I feel like it or not as I didn't do anything yesterday. You'd be surprised how much mess a two year old can make in a day. I sent off my "reveal" package to my Secret Pal yesterday, hope she likes it. Sent Sis's package to her too. OMG She has been without cigarettes for over a month now! I'm sooooo proud of her! David and I have been smokefree for almost 7 mths now, I tell you there are days..... Our favorite joke is well "we've been smoke free for xxx long." "Yeah, lets get a pack to celebrate!" In all seriousness, it hard to quit; damn hard, and that's scary. That was how I managed to quit the last time. I kept thinking about how addicted I was, how I just had to have those cigarettes and how much of a hold they had on us. It made me mad and made me even more determined to quit. Of course David quit together, that helped a lot. Sis did it by herself (although she didn't have much choice she was in the hospital with heart problems) her husband hasn't quit. I know how hard it is to quit and stay quit when someone you live with still smokes, for that I commend you even more Sis! OK I'll quit rambling.

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