Happy Halloween!

Well, it's Halloween. I hope everyone Fell Back like we're supposed to (as in set your clocks back an hour!!!!) Yesterday was an OK day although David didn't feel good and my teams all lost their games. We went and did our grocery shopping without major inccident and/or spending too much money, got Sean's pumpkin, and made it through Hobby Lobby without buying more yarn lol. We did get some little Christmas decorations at WallyWorld though. But didn't spend too much as this week was rent week (which we paid yesterday too) and we had to send some money back east to help David's son because they got screwed by their cellphone company so we're kinda short($400 cell phone bills are NOT good- always make sure you read AND understand your cellphone contracts). But nothing to worry about cuz we've kept spending under control the past few weeks. YAY US!!!!!! I'm almost done with Belle's Poncho. Pictures of everything I have done tomorrow I promise. I got my box o' Christmas decorations out to go through and see what needs to be replaced and what we need. That'll be today's big chore since it's going to rain all day or at least is supposed to. Happy Halloween everyone! I have to add thank you's to everyone who posted comments and sent emails in support of my bad anxiety time the other day. Your support and well wishes meant ALOT to me and I think you all ROCK!

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