Well it's Saturday morning. I sit with smiley coffee cup in hand (birthday gift from a couple years ago, yeah I am a coffee cup lover), husband on the couch awaiting his turn on the puter(he's such a sweetie, he got up after I started to make my entry so instead of shutting the windows down he just sat down and I brought his coffee to him )the boy is watching the Wiggles. I finished Hat one for David last night. I will put up pics later. I also made a decision. I frogged Belle's sweater. I decided that I just wasn't going to find the right color/type of yarn to finish it. Soooo I am going to make Baby Short Round Poncho which is a combination effort from Dot and Chelle and is so darling, Belle will look adorable (Of course she looks adorable in everything). So I hope to get alot if not all of that done this weekend. We have to go grocery shopping and pay rent today so I may not get much chance today to work on crocheting cuz there's laundry, have to do it today cuz it's going to rain Sunday, again. I want to start a project for My Secret Pal too. What is it? I'll not tell it's a secret. But it will be good and I am excited about it. Well, I'll try to get pictures up later. Have good weekends all.

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