Consider this your warning!

We went to the fair Wednesday as most know. Had a blast of course because anything we do together is fun. One of the places we went while there was the Vietnam War Memorial. Nothing can even come close to describing the feelings a place like that stirs up. I saw a picture once with the caption of "If you were not there, no words can describe it. If you were there, no words are needed." Pretty much how David and I were... Silent( except for the my sniffles). David was there and I was not, yet both looking on in silence. Ever since I was old enough to learn about Vietnam I have been bothered by how soldiers were treated then. I often wondered how and why people reacted the way they did. I have never found the answer. I never will, no answer could satisfy the feelings of horror I felt when told how soldiers were spit on and called "baby killers". AMERICAN soldiers. THE GOOD GUYS! Treated like scum. Makes me ill. I could not imagine the pain those things caused. I still cannot. I guess it's the mother in me that wants to somehow make it better, somehow, in some way. I long ago adopted a POW/MIA from Operation Just Cause I have since then adopted another as I moved to a new state. Now That I live in Texas I have requested another. Once received the page will be placed along with the rest on Shadydowns. Right now they are plain, as I had to remove any fancy design I had due to the fact the web host is kind of crappy but once I get things lined up for our domain I will hopefully bring them back to their former glory. But I digress; there was supposed to be a warning in here... The warning is. To those who have differing political views from me be ye hereby forewarned that over the new couple days some posts may contain information and views about John Kerry you will not like. Such as: Consider yourselves warned.

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