Rodney Dangerfield Dies at Age 82

Maybe he'll finally get some respect... Yahoo! News - Comic Rodney Dangerfield Dies at Age 82


David said...

Well that's the curse of the three (not counting Yard Dog) so maybe i am safe for a while. hehe

Kari said...

Your'e working on living forever remember?

robert d said...

All this and heaven too!! And I love it!! I am trying to decide if I need a haircut. You think you do and then when you are getting ready your hair starts to look so metro. What's a poor boy to do?

Snapping out,


PS - And the leaves on the dogwood trees are prishy with bloom and almost red in color.

David said...

Ok Kari you'll have to explain this last comment to me, either I am too old or he's too far out for me to get it.

Kari said...

ummm beats me!

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