Disgusting, sad, vicious, in poor taste, disruptive, petty, and stupid. Those are the nice things I can say about this. People are going to place hand painted anti-Bush signs on freeway on Oct 13th. October 13, 2004 National Freeway Free Speech Day: Driving America to Think


David said...

Ok, thia is another act of civil disobdience by the democrats. Thia is another of their ideas to gather votes while costing the tax payers money to remove the signs. Not only the cost to take them down but to replace what ever is damaged, and what about the landfillsthat will be used, the safety of the people who have to remove them. They just don't get it, they continualy get into our pockets and we are suppose to like what they say and do. I think they need to read Operation Street Corner and Swift Boat Vets and find out about the traitor they support and know this if you elect that bastard you have kicked me for the last time!! A NAM VET

bloggirlly said...

Do you really find free speech disgusting? No one said that it has to be anti-Bush. You can say whatever you want.

Kari said...

"The ultimate goal is to increase voter turnout and defeat Bush. "
taken from http://www.freewayblogger.com/freewayfreespeechday.htm If that doesn't mean anti bush then I guess I'll just call myself stupid and bow down to your greatness (sarcasim)

PJ said...

To bloggirlly:
don't fight it....they are right; your are wrong.

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