Truth. What is it? Merriam-Webster Dictionary says:
Main Entry:truth Pronunciation:*tr*th Function:noun Inflected Form:plural truths \*tr**z, *tr*ths 1 : TRUTHFULNESS : HONESTY 2 : the real state of things : FACT 3 : the body of real events or facts : ACTUALITY 4 : a true or accepted statement or proposition *the truths of science* 5 : agreement with fact or reality : CORRECTNESS Synonyms veracity, verity
OK, so we all know what truth is SUPPOSED to mean right? My question is, how do we ascertain the truth when we cannot be there to witness events first hand? Who do we trust to tell the truth? Who do you trust? I could sit and tell you play by play of the Kansas State football game this past weekend and it would be the truth, the truth through my eyes. Not that I would lie but I am a K State fan so I am not impartial. The ball at fourth and goal would have been an inch further, that call would have been wrong... Whereas someone that liked the other team, although telling the truth as well, would see everything differently. See what I am getting at? What is the truth? As humans we have emotions, thoughts, opinions, and feelings. We are not robots that can just go through life impartial. There is no such thing as an impartial human. Every single one of us has an opinion on everything. I watch the news on TV, I cannot trust the newscasters to be impartial; there are subtle ways that newscasters can sway people's opinions, whether it is through little changes in the ton of voice or wording of a report, but those things can affect the way a report is perceived. Same applies to the written word, the way something is worded can affect what you get out of that article/story/book... And it may or may not be intentional. So, how can we find the truth? Someone once suggested to me (upon informing me I was ignorant for living in America because that meant I could not think for myself) that I should get my news from places like BBC and other global sources. Have you read these places? I learned a long time ago that they are no better at reporting STRAIGHT facts without bias than CBS is. So what does that leave? We cannot trust our news media, we cannot trust the global media; what's left? Nothing. So how do we get the real truth? Well, that's where it gets tricky. The truth is up to us. We have to sort through all the facts as we are presented them, and try to discern the accurate facts and make our decisions from there. To the best of our abilities. That's leads us back to the top or this post, my perception of the facts will of course have a rightwing slant as I am a conservative republican, likewise, a democrat's would have a leftwing slant. I was once called ill-informed. I wondered (silently) how one who reads every bit of news that comes across the vast array of news feeds throughout the internet, TV, and newspapers could be considered ill-informed. I guess it again goes to how I perceive the truth and how others do. Where am I going with this? My Point: Whether out in Real Life or Blogdom on the 'Net do not be so quick to label someone as ill-informed or ignorant. Before you jump to the conclusion that just because their opinion is different they are lying, remember that opinions can cause us to perceive things differently. Also, do not take everything you hear and read as being the total truth, always allow for the fact that the facts were probably reported by someone who is somehow biased. The old saying "There are two sides to every story" is very true. We should look at the world without the blinders of personal opinion on; however I do not know how we can do that so we must do the best we can and pray others are as well. Sorry for such a long post.


David said...

You are so right, it is one of my beliefs that although we use the word truth it should be accompanied with the words "as I see it" because even cold hard facts can be slanted, math can be slanted too and figures due lie at times. So the best we can hope for is that people who disagree can do it without trying to force others to their opinion using violence. When you must resort to that it should be in defence (the gate) of hearth and home, life and limb, not done lightly or capricously. But done swiftly and with finality, with no room for doubt as to why it was under taken. God bless America.

Kari said...


Smoke Eater said...

Kari, again you have me applauding, this was so true and very well worded that I cannot disagree with any of it. For my eyes and mind, the only REAL TRUTH I will ever hear or see comes from above, and that will never change. Even my family, being human, will slant things as they see them, even if they don't mean to. Now I have a question for David, did you study Tae-Kwon-Do? You have said a few things in the past that make me believe you did such as only resorting to violence to defend, and doing so with "finality" so that everyone knows why you did. Guys, I must say that I love the blogs, and I'll be back again and again for more info.

Kari said...

Wow, Thanks Smoke Eater; I really Apreciate that. AS for David's question, he'll have to answer that.

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