Miss me?

I didn't blog first thing this mornin like I usually do. Did you notice? Yeah right... suuuuuure you did. Anyway I just didn't do it this morning. I had some really really bad anxiety going on this morning. So I just got busy 'round the house and worked on the computer some. Did some things that needed to be done on it. Like running windows washer and cleaning off the desktop and getting rid of old programs and such. So anyway I'm OK now. At least I'm not crying anymore (weird I know but sometimes when I get really anxious I cry uncontrollably for no reason). Sometimes I get really tired of being worried about every little thing all the time. I hate it and that makes me hate me or at least the anxiety having part of me. But at any rate today I worked through my anxiety, I didn't shut down (well I didn't blog which was cuz of the anxiety but that was it) I got busy. Which is a good thing. OK well... I don't really know what else to say right now. Oh except don't freak there was a problem with the volcano cam so it's down, the thing didn't blow it's stack it's just broke.

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