Stolen Honor

We just through watching "Stolen Honor". I urge anyone that gets a chance to watch it to do so! I pray that anyone who is going to vote for kerry to do so before they cast that vote. I've taken some slack for deviating from crocheting to politics as of late. I do so because this election is weighing heavy on my mind. I cannot fathom how anyone in their right (or left) mind can honestly vote for this man kerry. The man (and I use that word in the loosest way possible in regards to him) sat before congress and called soldiers serving in Vietnam, "Monsters". Someone told me they could not read my blog anymore because it was disturbing what I was saying about kerry. It should disturb you, it's horrible stuff. But it's true. Which is more than just about anything he has come up with. They said they would not vote for Bush as they were afraid he would start the draft(A lie always told when dems are afraid of losing an election). I would be more afraid that kerry would be getting our soldiers killed like he did for POWS in Vietnam. Not to mention the ones who were mistreated when they came home because of his false accusations. He voted against getting our soldiers serving now better body armor. Then turns around and says he supports them... How? Is he going to turncoat on them too and start calling them monsters? I'm mad. No, I'm furious. People are so blind when it comes to kerry they will only see what he wants them too. PLEASE LOOK AT THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN IT'S THE REAL kerry! I wish I could find they words to convince people that voting for him is wrong. My dear sweet husband says it better over at Shadydowns, please go read it. Again please watch Stolen Honor.

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