Opinions and Assholes

Everyone has them. While I like to vent at times on MY BLOG as it is my personal web log I am aware that there are those in this world who do not agree with everything I have to say. That's fine, we live in a free society; we are all free to have differences in opinion. Being in such free society, we must realize that while we are free to express our opinion so are those whose opinion differs from us. Point taken and considered fair. An opinion was stated on this blog by myself the other day, several people in turn commented on it (something I consider a good thing -the sharing of ideals). While most were positive there was one however who saw things differently and expressed their discontent in my opinion. In return, I replied. I tried to be civil and rational in my reply. I feel as I was. However, said person's comment was perceived as hostile and arrogant by some who replied in a manner that expressed their irk at the person who expressed their opinion towards my opinion which prompted another response in turn more irksome and another response was made... As you can well see this can go on forever as can happy with opinions and things that people feel passionate about. We live in a civil society folks. When things get to a point that opinions cannot be expressed civilly without hateful remarks then all involved need to step back and take a few breaths and calm down. PJ, if I offended you in stating my opinion on my personal blog and in my reply to your reaction to said opinion; then of course you have my deepest apologies. I would however also suggest that, you, as another person living in a free society consider getting your own forum for posting your views. When I go "blogging", which is what I call reading random blogs using bloggers next blog feature (on the bar at the top of page), I always come across blogs with opinions that differ form mine. Some I find reprehensible, some I find ill-informed. If it is something that provoke as response in me that I cannot rationally and calmly reply without flaming then I do not comment, I go about my way. Because the last thing I want to do is display myself as someone who cannot rationally discuss a matter. Furthermore, I feel it also a matter of common courtesy, not to start a fight on someone's blog for their opinion. I just exercise my freedoms that I have and do not go back to the offending blog, because I know it will upset me past the point of rational thought. Again, I will state for the record: The opinion that I state in my blog is just that my opinion. The opinions that are expressed in the comment section by others are their opinions. If my opinion offends you then perhaps you would be better served not reading my opinion. Thank you and have a nice day.


Smoke Eater said...

Kari, first of all, I agree with you 100% here. It never ceases to amaze me just how many people who may or may not have their own blog or any other outlet for their own views will simply comment on a blog (some of them very well spoken and some, errr..., not) but never think of getting their own blog. I personally am still kind of kicking the idea around of contacting one of my good friends from HS (who is a Dem and very involved in the Kerry bid) for an "inter-blog" debate, but I'm just not sure if I want to change our "we don't talk politics during an election" understanding. For you Kari, I'm sorry you had a bad experience, and I wish I could offer some hope that "it gets better" but I'm sorry to say, it'll probably just get worse as the years wear on here. Just remember, breathe, count to 3, and get a punching bag/jump rope/good book, something you enjoy and just UNWIND when you need it. Have a good week and GOD BLESS!

PJ said...

You right I'm wrong...if that is what you want to hear. You are right, it's your personal blog and I was offended. Simply as that. For the record-that is the first time ever I'v EVER responded in that manner...first time reading something like that! Of course I'm probably blocked with no way to respond, but this will be the last.
I'm sorry. I used to like your blog, but I don't respect your opinion BUT YOU ARE RIGHT...it's just opinions and it's your blog and I am sorry for causing such reactions--you & your husbands responses says it all... next time I will just delete something from my favorites if I don't like it. The End.

Kari said...

PJ, I am sorry you feel that way, I do still respect your opinion as I do everyone's. This post was not directed at you personally with the exception as to the part that said PJ ("PJ, if I offended you in stating my opinion on my personal blog and in my reply to your reaction to said opinion; then of course you have my deepest apologies. I would however also suggest that, you, as another person living in a free society consider getting your own forum for posting your views." ).
The rest was just open to everyone.
I am still puzzled about the hatred in your responses to my(just mine not anyones elses I do not believe mine were in anyway confrontational) replies to your comments... but that's ok. I'll chalk it up to experience and go about my way. At least I know you won't be back spewing hate on my blog anymore as you said that was your last reply. So to that I bid you farewell and I'll be praying for you.

David said...

Huh must "have stuck a nerve". She still doesn't get it. When she thru out the I'm married to a black man, she showed herself to be prejudise either against blacks(wearing it a a badge some how) or against whites(shes better than the people of her race) when in fact we are all one race. The race of mankind or of Americans, if you will. That is what I believe we are, color doesn't enter into it we are "The People" of the consitution. And god bless us everyone no matter what name you call him by, he has given us this great land to show the world a shining beacon of freedom.

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