My Friend Rachel

I'm sure most of the regular readers know that my best friend for life who is like my sister had been in the hospital getting: 1. blood clots removed in her leg. 2. A value replaced in her heart. Well she had gotten out, but over the weekend was put back in because she had fluid build up around her heart and lungs. Now, she's doing really well, I talked to her yesterday and she sounded great, was upbeat and said she felt wonderful (you would too if you'd lost 25 pounds of fluid buildup!). This morning; they are going to do a tap to remove the rest of the fluid from around her heart and lungs. Then hopefully in a couple days she'll be able to get out of the hospital. She's on the floor with the computer this time so she has been emailing me when she gets a chance and I just got one from her saying that all they were doing was waiting on the dr then they would do it. So just keep a little positive thought for her if you would.

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