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I think something was greatly misunderstood in my Church and State post, that I would like to clarify in this post. I am by no means advocating mandatory prayer in public schools. I believe that prayer and religion should be something personal and for each person to determine for themselves about themselves. I will however state that I do believe that in schools where there is no uniform policy children should be allowed to wear Jesus saves TShirts if allowed to wear shirt with saying/symbols from other religions. I believe children should be allowed to take a moment of silence to pray or reflect or whatever at one point during the day IF they choose to. Red Mind Blue State says this:
I hate to be the skunk at the picnic, but here's what I think is the problem. By saying there cannot be an organized prayer in a public school (key words--organized & public) we are guaranteeing freedom of religion. You can pray anytime-- your kids can pray anytime. What you can't do is force my kid to pray at the same time, in the same way, as you want your kid to.
I agree totally. As far as his point about the Ten Commandments being in buildings, I have to say right off I think it has an religious symbolism moreso than anything else; afterall how could it not be? It is a religious artifact. Although there could be a historical aspect to it I guess and defiantly has moral implications most people should be paying attention to but that's not the discussion. I will never proclaim to have all the right answers. Because I do not know what a good solution is. I was merely pointing out how it was worded and how I thought it was meant. I would not have posted it period had I know people would automatically jump to the conclusion that I was advocating mandatory prayer in school.

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