Woohoo I can finally post Wednesday

Well half forgot what I was going to post this morning. Snowflakes have already been posted. Working on hats today... Hats! hats! hats! I'm so proud of the boy. I had told him about a week ago that we were going to go through his toys and pack up the things he outgrew or just didn't play with anymore and then ask on Freecycle if anyone needed them for Christmas. Well before we got it done someone sent out a request through Freecycle for toys for 1 and two yr old boys. So we went through his toys and yesterday the lady picked up three big trash bags of toys and stuffed animals for her kids' Christmas. The boy, helped put toys in the sacks, I was amazed as he actually sorted his toys out into the ones he liked and didn't. Never threw a fit at his toys going away. Of course he still has plenty and maybe that was why he didn't fuss. But I hope he is learning something that will stick with him. He had soooo much, now he still has alot and someone else will have some too. That's a good feeling. And in the process start a tradition I think we will keep. A good way to get ready for Christmas. Well that's about it for now....

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