Saturday Saturday Saturday

*YAAAAWNS* It's 8:02AM and I am still in my footie PJ's. We all slept late. In fact David is still in bed, now whether he's actually sleeping through the "Wiggles" on tv and the cat chasing bells through the house I don't know but at least we're TRYING to let him sleep. Last night we went and picked up "Return of the King" extended and watched it. So now we have two complete sets... the non extended and the extended however the Fellowship non ext one is vhs- the rest are all dvd. What relavance that has to ANYTHING I don't know. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY to Stacie ! You should go give her your good wishes! Not much else to say except that David talked to his son and they got their package and he's already opened the gift I made him (I KNEW he would he can't wait to open presents!) he said he loved it and that's good! I made him a hat in the Kansas City Chiefs colors. Picture after Christmas (there are more than one present in the pic) We're going to do some shopping today (the boy needs Christmas presents)then go eat at Salt Grass Steakhouse.

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