Day After Christmas

It's the day after and I am somewhat glad, maybe we can have a sense of normallacy around. Our dryer SHOULD be delievered today. Can't wait to use it woohoo. Our prayers are with those caught up in the earthquake/tidal waves over in Asia. Tidal Waves Kill More Than 3,800 in Asia Recent Quakes In one story about the Sumatra Earthquake and resulting tidal waves they said the earthquake (8.9) was actually so strong it disturbed the Earth's rotation. I find that incredible and haven't found mention of it anywhere else. I wonder if they meant it literally? Anyway there was also an 8.1 earthquake off Macquarie Island that was felt in Australia and New Zealand. It was said if it had happened under one of Australias population centers it would have destroyed the city. Why am I rattling about that? I have no idea I just found it interesting. The Earth fascinates me with it's earthquakes and volcanoes and tornadoes and such.... One could almost imagine a personality of sorts for it at times. OK well enough rambling. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I made a cloche out of the "pink" yarn I got from an elf in Germany, I'll take pictures later maybe.

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