Totally Thursday

HEY today is our Friday, David is taking off tomorrow. woohoo *does the happy dance* The boy was up at 3 am... never went back to sleep. Why was he up at 3? Beats the hairy heck outta me but I think the cat has something to do with it. He (Hambut the wonder cat) had something to do with David and I having to jump out of bed at midninght and search for the music only to find he had jumped on the boy's Leap Pad (we got him for Christmas) and turned it on. So now... guess who is laying in the middle of the rug sleeping? Yup the cat... Oh well. Working on Crochet thingys today, one is going slow because I am writing a pattern down as I go (omg don't nobody pass out from the shock). HAve to make something for my secret pal too, and I know just what to make. BOWL GAME UPDATES! EV1.net Houston Bowl Colorado 33 UTEP 28 Good game, I didn't really care who won just good football Mastercard Alamo Bowl Oklahoma St 7 Ohio St 33 Was interesting to see the Oklahoma State didn't really seemed to be interested in playing. Although I saw SEVERAL missed calls at late hits and personal fouls on their part. You don't play football with your fists ya goofs! There FOUR count them FOUR bowl games on today.... *faints* It's usually by the time all the bowl games are oiver that I am totally glad football is almost over (that lasts about a week of not having football or racing then I go through withdrawl)

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