Finally Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOOHOO!! YEPPIEE!! YEHAW!! HOORAY!! Only thing that makes me freak is I HAVE to finish a hat at least today. BUT (omg not my big ole but again!) I don't know if my hand will let me. We'll see, some of the presents may be a little late. Although I hate that! People will just have to accept that I am not a machine and if they want something handmade from the heart it takes longer than just running to the local WM and forking over some bucks. 'Nough said we went to WM last night and got my "We have to go to fancy smancy dinner with the bossman and owner for a co christmas thingy and they are democraps" outfit.. WOULD you believe David picked it out for me??? It's really nice too... too expensive for me which is why he picked it out I would have been alot cheaper and he knows it. Sorry I think 30 dollars for shoes is highly outrageous.... (yes I am tight especially when it comes to me) He also bought me this tornado wizardy dragon thingy I had eyed before (I really need to learn not to eyeball things while he's watching cuz it usually ends up getting bought- not that I am complaining) Yeah, he spoils me. Too much sometimes. But I love him, not just becasue he buys me things but because he is wonderfully himself not matter what. Tiff was talking the other day about gingerbread coffeemate, I got some and she's right it's good. Steve (aka blithered) over at American Conservative is back from his blog vacation... Didn't think you would be gone long- it gets addictive! Welcome back to blogdom! EDITED to add- I almost forgot to say the David bought my yearly pair of flannel footie pjs hehe Usually it's Christmasy ones but they didn't have any so these look like a checkerboard with checkers on it. Wore them last night hehe.

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