100 Things about me (that you probably didn't want to know)

1. I have no idea why I am doing this other than everyone else is. 2. If everyone else was jumping off a bridge I WOULD NOT do it too. 3. I hate heights(See #2) 4. I cannot swim (see #2) I have no desire to learn. 5 I have never had a drivers license 6. I hate crowds 7. I believe that God is both male and female 8. I have naturally blonde hair 9. I haven't seen my natural hair color since my early 20's 10. I've dyed my hair red since the 90's 11. I hate phones 12. I never know what to say on the phone 13. I have 5 children 14. I have two boys ages 16 and 14 who live with their father 15. I have two daughters 10 and 8 whom I lost because of my anxiety at one time and was convinced they would be better off without me so I signed over my parental rights. 16. Not a day goes by that I don't hate myself for # 14 and #15 17. I had a childhood that I would not wish on anyone. 18. David is the love of my life and the best thing to EVER happen to me 19. I didn't finish high school. 20. I don't have a GED 21. I have an IQ of 147 22. I tried to join the Marines when I was 14 23. I have never been happier than I am now in my life (see# 18) 24. I met David while I was pregnant with Sean. 25. Although not biological David has been Sean's Dad in the best way possible 26. I cry sometimes because I wish I had known David when I had all my kids. 27. If I can do it online rather than phone or in person I do 28. I've practiced witchcraft since I was in my teens. 29. I've read tarot cards professionally for awhile. 30. I used to drink alot when I was younger 31. NOTHING on my body is pierced nor do I have any tats 32. I have a skin condition that makes me scar really bad (reason for #31) 33. I have had most of my thyroid removed 34. I am bisexual 35. I'm scared of the dark 36. I doubt I will ever publish this 37. I long to live out in the country back in Missouri and have a garden and a big yard and enough land for David and I to hunt on. 38. I had the last of my teeth pulled a couple days before my birthday this year 39. I am trying to get organized 40. I used to hate cleaning 41. Since I joined Flylady.net I clean more often and don't get overwhelmed and not do it and I actually enojy cleaning 42. I used to write erotica. I even had a website. 43. I'm submissive 44. I believe in Jesus just don't agree with organized religions 45. I want everyone to like me 46. I wanted to marry John Wayne when I was a kid 47. I love it when it storms 48. I wanted to be a meterologist 49. I'm totally convinced either my child or my cat or both are hiding my crochet hooks 50. I miss smoking not the nasty smell and all the bad things assocatied with it but just the act of smoking I miss 51. I sometimes watch chick flicks when David is at work (Like "How to lose a guy in ten days") 52. I hate reality TV 53. I used rodeo until I fell and hurt my back 54. I think my cat used to be human 55. I cuss to much 56. I hate being anxious all the time 57. I love James Bond movies - Sean Connery was the best James Bond 58. I sometimes feel like no one likes me they just put up with me 59. I'm having a hard time coming up with things to put down here 60. I believe there is life on other planets 61. I've seen a UFO 62. I've seen ghosts 63. I ramble sometimes 64. I believe dragons once existed 65. I hate math 66. David and I are not married in the legal marriage license sense of the word 67. In my eyes we are married 68. I'm short 69. I have freckles 70. I once tried to use lemon juice to fade my freckles 71. I love to cook and want a big airy bright kitchen with tons of room to bake and cook 72. I have been told I feel others pain too much 73. I cried when Bob Hope died 74. I cried when Ronald Regan died 75. I cried when John Wayne died 76. I cried when Mr. Rogers died 77. I didn't cry when Arafat died 78. I want to win the lottery just so David doesn't have to work 79. I want to open a craft/herb store 80. I believe there is one God but God has many faces 81. I hate the word Jew... it's just sounds like a bad word. 82. I hate the words stupid and fat 83. I shoplifted once when I was a teen 84. I snuck it back on the shelf later that day because I felt bad 85. I try to look for good in everyone 86. Sometimes (usually) that (#85) leads to my getting hurt 87. I cannot believe I'm not done with this yet 88. I love yarn I am a yarn junkie 89. I haven't felt healthy since we moved to Texas 90. I held a little girl's hand while she died as a result of a drunk driver who walked away unhurt. 91. I say a silent prayer everytime I hear sirens and always have 92. I really used to believe my face would stick that way 93. I love my blog, it's like a part of my family 94. I have read 5 different versions of the Bible straight through 95. I love hot tea especially herbal teas 96. I love clocks 97. I cannot wait until we have the money/room for a grandfather clock 98. I want to start designing crocheted clothes and selling them 99. I hate soap operas 100. I am happy this is done 101. Rachel is my best friend in the whole world she's like a Sister to me!!! hehe (How's that Sis? rofl)

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