OK I am going off here... If you don't want to hear just plug your ears cuz it's gonna get loud. First there's Charter. Our wonderful cable company. Which we had hooked up the 3rd of Sept. On that day the people (people they hire to do it not workers of the company mind you - God forbid they have to be accountable for employees) just laid the cable on the ground saying they would have to get someone to come bury it as it couldn't be strung up cuz of the trees in our yard. TODAY yes TODAY DECEMBER 7th (that's a little over three months) someone finally comes to do just that.... Or so I thought. They goofed around for a bit shut everything off for about thirty mins then turned it back on and hung something on the door and hightailed it out (I mean they skeedaddled! FAST!) I had tried to inquire as to whether they were done but he just jumped off the porch without even a word or even looking up. The flag on the door said they came by to bury the cable (duh) but it also said they were unable because (your guess on this one as it had a bunch of checkboxes and none were checked) So I go look and they freaking hung it through the trees. I COULD HAVE DONE THAT MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More than that the idiots who installed it could have done that 3 months ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY? Second rant: (Yup folks two for the price of one) I go check the mail and get our gas bill.... Which has doubled since last month. GRRrrrrrrrrrrrrr but it was cooler.... So I'm ok... then I get to looking at the bill... There's two consumption charges on it. I guess you get charged again if you use so much over the first charge? Then a customer charge (WTF is that?) Rate Expense Surcharge Franchise Fee State Occupation Tax WAIT A MINUTE hold the freakin phone!!!!!!!!!!! Back up... STATE OCCUPATION CHARGE?????? What the hairy heck is THAT and why is it on my GAS bill? It's as bad as the DRAINAGE fee (not to be confused with the sewer/wastewater fee) on our Water bill! Who is going to come up with the breathing fee?

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