Tired Thursday

First off the Bigwig dinner...We didn't go I don't want to talk about it other than to say sometimes you have to realize you need to just cut your losses and go home. ----- I want to talk about kindness, and how it can touch your life. I (as most of you know) post on a messageboard called Crochetville, and never have I ever ran across a group of nicer more caring people then the ladies (and couple men) there. One thing is there is a little girl who is the daughter of one of these ladies husbands coworkers... She has cancer and has been fighting one hell of a battle. What started as a simple request for a pattern for something for this brave little girl has turned into a crusade that boggles the mind and uplifts the spirit. Others upon hearing of this girl requested to make something for her, and have made bears hats blankets pillows. It has grown to the point that they all each made squares for "comfortghans" to be pieced together and given. They wait to hear how this girl is as if she is family. And if that doesn't convince you of their kindness there is the fact that these people will at the drop of a hat, jump to help you if caught in a pattern or needing a certain type of yarn to finish a project (I found myself helping someone in that area the other day) The "wish list" post I made and others have made has been picked up and started there as well, several (including me) have gotten presents for little "elves" helping fulfill wishes. There is also the sharing of ideas... Have a problems with crochet? They will help, I have had someone actually take time to do extensive searches to help me with a simple problem. It goes beyond crochet as well, we have become a type of internet family and if one has a real life problem we are all there to listen and offer support and/or advice. Why am I rambling? I guess it strikes me that in this day and age of strife and turmoil and red state blue state hate and terror, I have found a place where color, size, location, religion, politics, money, job, health, looks don't matter. We are all different, but we take all that out of the picture while there and it feels good to be in a place like that. I truly love that place and the women there. I only hope I come away from there a little better of a person for having known such awesome selfless women. I realize I spent this post talking about that but I just needed to get it out.

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