Moody Monday

that's the way I feel. It was a rough anxiety weekend. Had an anxiety attack in WM. (oh the horrors) I guess it's just the holidays.... I don't know it just seems like every time I open my mouth or breathe it's wrong. I cannot make anyone understand me sometimes and it's frustrating and I take things to far trying to explain what I am feeling and people get mad I guess. Who knows. Anyway I am glad I have this blog to rant and rave on. I hurt my hand... Not so bad I cant crochet but bad enough that it hurts when I do anything. David is going to have a very hard week(edited to add week like anyone could figure what I say half the time lol). Wont go into details here lets just say he'll be the doing work of three different positions and then some this week. I just hope I can keep stuff together enough not to make things worse on him by being a basket case. OHOHOH David and I are getting each other a new CLOTHES DRYER for Christmas. woohoo YEEEHAW! YIPPEEE!! No more hanging clothes out in the cold! woohoo Oh and another OHOHOH P called his Dad this weekend as they were going to get their second pregnancy test... Yeah looks like there will be another grandbaby coming next fall! And speaking of cute Grandbabys here's one

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