Tired Tuesday

Sleep has been a problem for the Holtz Household as of late. David never got to sleep good last night. It's 4:41 am and I am here and the boy is sitting on the couch watching Book of Pooh, I thought I might sleep in(as I didn't sleep well either) a bit but as soon as Daddy walked out the door someone started crying. (No it wasn't me lol) Well another day has it's bleary eyed coffee sippin' start. Ahhh, Coffee! I bow down to the greatness that first thought, "Hey, if I roast these beans and then grind them and brew them I will have a good drink." As for the weather we got some heavy rain, a bit of lightening, and some loud thunder but they had weakened down by the time it go to us. So nothing severe. I wish I could talk some and show some crochet but alas... It's Christmas presents I be a workin' on and you cannot see! We watched "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" Last night on of my favorite movie as a kid. Almost daily the boy picks up "A Christmas Story" and asks for "DVD movie Mommy? See Santa Claus?" He loves that movie and will sit through most of it. OH! And had to add: I dreamt about crocheted snowflakes..... It was snowing Crocheted snowflakes.... Man I must really have it bad...

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