So Early Sunday

I SHOULD be against the law for kids to wake up early on Sundays. It really should. Finished Paul's hat yesterday errr rather last night now just finishing on thing and another then I am ready to ship out presents Monday. Good thing too as my hands need the break. Problem is can I actually keep myself from crocheting? I have so many ideas... Not much else going on with me... After the kids get their boxes I will show you what David got me as he got the kids each one too. Trust me though it is beautiful, Sean loves it. Sis, I am working on your blog design on my test blog and will work more this next week as I get time. Wednesday is the Christmas thingy for David's work... (Oh Joy...) At least there (besides David) will be a couple people I halfway know and are OK. So I am not totally thrust in with the wolves. Or rather in this case the liberals. lol Kinda down this morning... Maybe just cuz I didn't sleep well. I'm sure as the day progresses and David gets up things will start looking brighter. I have to get the rest of our outside lights done today. Wrap presents and finish those things I mentioned before so I guess I better get busy. have a good day. Hug someone and tell them how much you appreciate them being in your life!

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