Thrilled Thursday

I so totally have the best hubby in the world. I forgot today was trash day. He remembered as he was leaving to go to work. I said well leaving off the cusswords I said that I would get it and him to go ahead. Well he sits in the car with the lights shining on the yard until I get it down and back in the house safely. He knows I worry and he is just so dang sweet about it. I love you David. Thank you.

In other news: Sis started her own blog! It's about dang time!!! hehe I'm thrilled. Sooo Why don't ya go on over and give her a word or two of encouragement! Rae's Sanctuary On crochet news well I got snowflakes made but not starched so today I'll make a couple more then starch. Finish a hat or two and scarf then will be down to just a few things. Good thing too as my hands about to give out. Just for a smile, it's the Boy:

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