Wish the week was over Wednesday

Boy Howdy... This is the longest week in the history of mankind. David's not well, so I worry about him. They say it'll be two weeks before our insurance cards show up... (oh sure why not we've waiting 3 months already whats two more weeks). I had to watch "A Christmas Story" three times yesterday... I love that movie but... You can get tired of it. The boy loves it though. I have to finish up some things today. The United States Post Office says that December 15th is the last day for Parcel Post, December 20th for 1st Class and Priority mailing in the United States to insure that packages arrive by December 25th. Of course we go UPS. Why? Well there's a UPS store not to far from here and it has better hours and better people. Also on the agenda for today... Starching snowflakes and making fudge or was that starching fudge and making snowflakes... No wait... It was fudging snowflakes and making Starch!!!! FOR FUN:
Your Element Is Fire
Your passion and emotion are as obvious as the brightest flame. You make sparks fly, and your passion always has the potential to burst out. You are exciting and creative - and completely unpredictable. You sometimes exercise control, and sometimes you let yourself go. Friends describe you as sensitive, spirited, and compulsive. Bright and blazing with intensity, you seem mysterious and moody to many.

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