Worked up Wednesday

Tonight is the Bigwig Dinner I am a bundle of nerves... I hate hate hate these type of things. And what I hate worse is the fact the boy may be getting sick and I am worried about him to boot. He's to be babysitted by the son of the OM calm thoughts calm thoughts calm thoughts........ Not much else to say I said it all in the football post. I have to color my hair and do my nails but may not do my nails... 'cause if the boy is getting sick I don't want to have to deal with pokey nails.... calm thoughts calm thoughts calm thoughts........ Practised some on my banjo yesterday. This is the first time I have touched it since GPa passed away... It was hard but I made it through. I can't stop just because I miss him I should work harder to honor his memory. Hopefully now that present rush is over I will have more time. Now I will go do my morning reading of blogs and boards.

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