Terrific Tuesday

OK Well maybe not Terrific but I can hope... I'll shoot for Good. I dreamed about wooden crochet hooks and UPS last night... odd combo lmao Clearly dreams taken out of everyday life events... I told myself I wasn't going to crochet anymore after I got all that stuff done but last night I was dying to try out my new hook so I will find something to make with it today. lol But at least I won't be rushed to have it done by shipping day. Tomorrow night is the dreaded "Bigwig Christmas Dinner Party"... we're going to Ruth Chris SteakHouse. I asked David last night if it would be rude of me to bring some corcheting to work on if things got boring like with work talk or politics (for those not reading regular the bigwigs are dems) but he didn't think that would be a good idea but did say if it got to that point we'd leave. I love my hubby, he is the best in the world. Kansas City won last night woohoo!!! Although it's a bit late to matter.

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