Tantalizing Tuesday

The Title? I have no clue... just off the top of my head. Eveyrone has such trouble thinking up titles.... It's not hard no one said it had to make sense or be revelant. Do me a favor PLEASE?? That dear sweet wonderful hubby of mine is having such a rough go of it lately. He was away from his kids and his grandkids for Christmas and we all know how that is. He's so down. He's discouraged about his blog... we all know how that is as well. We've all felt that no one reads us, right? So just stop by and read and say hi. Maybe we can get him cheered up a bit. Excuse me a minute ST LOUIS WON LAST NIGHT WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bowl Games yesterday MPC Computers Virginia 34 vs. Fresno St 37 in OverTime Motor City Connecticut 39 vs. Toledo 10 ... That was NO game it was slaughter! Tonight is the Insight Bowl (after the Independance Bowl) and Notre Dame's in it! Woohoo!!!! Well that's it for now y'all.

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