Bitch Zone Ahead

Warning Bitch Zone for next 5 miles please observe posted speed limits. I'm sick. Now I know it's the season for everyone to be sick. And Everyone in the family has a cold. I also know that I am the mom and I have to uphold a certain standard of care to my family. When I am sick though I am a big baby. I DON'T want to be big and brave I want wear my pjs and huddle under the covers until I die. I want to be babied. I want no one to get hungry, dishes to not get dirty, kids to not need anything, laundry to not need to be done etc... And when I don't get that I get cranky. I can't help it. It's just the way I am, a big baby. I also feel worthless when I feel bad. I get feelings of being down like everyone would be better off without me and crap. I just really really hate being sick. Soooo you can see how the weekend has been... My being cranky and making everyone else miserable. What fun.

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