First Bowl Game O' Da Season

'Tis the Season.... FOR BOWL GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes folks it is that time of year again. As I haven't had my blog for a year then you don't know this about me. I live for bowl games, my whole year is spent waiting for this time of year and bowl games. (well a bit of an exaggeration but hey) For three years straight I have watched AT LEAST 15 mins (one quarter) of EVERY Bowl game televised that my cable company was kind enough to air. Not a bad feat, last year every bowl game was on and I watched most of all of them. So Last night was The New Orleans Bowl (Obviously held in .... TADA New Orleans!) Which just so happened to feature North Texas and Southern Mississippi. Obviously as NT is here in our city I was routing for them but alas.... They sucked. They do have potential (sp?) though. They have a totally awesome rb #20 J. Thomas who, as only a freshman, was still a driving force with the ball. He reminded me a bit of K-State's Darren Sproles... uhhh that is when KState actually showed up for a real season of football. So anyway SMiss beat NT 31-10 and the first Bowl game o' da season goes down in history. Next up: Champs Sports Bowl which is formerly the Tangerine Bowl (I hate to think they changed the name... It sucks) which is Dec 21st in Orlando, Fla. at 7:45 pm on ESPN (Eastern time) and features: Syracuse vs. Georgia Tech which will be a good game hopefully. The ramblin' wreck from Georgia Tech can be a force sometimes. Oh and for those non football watchers I do crochet during games. Unless the game is really really good then I usually get in trouble for yelling at the TV.

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