Holtz Chili

My favorite Cold weather chili recipe made by my hubby David. Who is a very good cook which is just another one of the reasons I love him so much. If you make it go over to his blog and let him know how it turned out... heck just go over for the sheer pleasure of reading his blog. Holtz Chili 1 1/2 lb of ground beef 1 lrg onion 1med can tomato paste(next size up from the 6oz) 1 lrg can tomato juice (campbells is best) 1 can stewed tomatos 3 cans Bushs Dark Red Kidney beans 3 cans Bushs Light Red Kidney Beans Chili powder Chop onion and saute in frying pan, add ground beef and cook until brown add chili powder to taste. Place remaining ingrediants in a large stewing pot. Simmer add ground beef mixture,and more chili powder to taste cook until low boil, stiring occasionally to avoid the Holtz burnt chili trick.

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