Fedup Friday

What we have here is possibly a rant in the makings, consider yourselves warned. I am SOOOOO tired of people who don't care that you are being nice and decent about things and just take advantage of your kindness. ALL my freaking life I have tried to be nice to people. Been helpful and never complained or turned down someone who asked for help. Alot of times without thanks. (Alot of times with thanks and those are the times that keep me going- to those people this is not about you). Likewise, if someone is doing something to help someone and I am somehow involved but at an inconvenience to me I will hold my tongue because someone is trying to do what they feel is right. But when that person gets ultimately jerked around by inconsiderate ungrateful people it pisses me off. When someone does something nice for you whether they are family or total strangers, I do not care who you are, you thank them and treat them with some amount of decency and respect! It's just the right thing to do. You don't use them as the doormat to wipe your feet on. And I should add that goes DOUBLE for family members! END OF RANT please return to your seats

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