WOOHOO! It's finally Friday. WOW Didn't think that would ever happen (Friday lol) Worried 'bout those kids out in Virgina, here they haven't even dried out yet and are getting MORE rain, last night the local weatherman was saying how he thought ivan was gonna stall out in that area while Jeanne hits South Carolina. That could be devastating. Our Thoughts and prayers are with everyone in those areas. I'm beginning to think that P&J picked the wrong time to move back there. David's Birthday is Monday. hehe We went to Bed, Bath and Beyond yesterday. Got some kitchen gadgets. They have a windchime there I would love to have it's huge and beautiful but $69.99 so there's no way. d said maybe christmas but I wouldn't feel right. That kind of money for something like that no matter how beautiful -it's just not right. Now if it goes on sale..... and they knock 20 off then I'd jump on it lol. While we were at the Local WM we cruised through the yarn section (half was gone- they were redoing the shelves) turned to leave and saw over on the side was three 6oz skiens of Red Heart Plush in Red marked down from $4.75 per to $1.75 D said he really liked it and it would make a pretty top so he picked it up and said "Can't pass that up it's only $1.75 a piece) He's so cute. So I gotta look through my patterns and see what I can come up with. OH, I forgot we did get a candle at BB&B, it's one of those big ones, the type the embed flowers in? Well this one is light purple (hehe) and in the sides are DOGWOOD blossoms!! How cool is that? So we had to get it lol. Beautiful, and smells pretty too. OK well... thats about enough for now and I need to refill my coffee cup.

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Jennifa said...

Good scores! I'm going to Bed Bath and Beyond tonight to look at comforters and sheets...should be fun! (It's shopping, of course it will be! lol)

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