Steak, Texas, and colds

LOL Hellofa combination of topics. We went to Saltgrass (steakhouse) in Lewisville for david's birthday present form me (part of). That was our second time going to a Saltgrass (first one in Grapevine and was where we were taken to be woo'ed into D taking the job- it worked lol). THE best steak I have EVER had. I came to the conclusion, that place is steak heaven. The beef they use must have been babied to the point the ranchers carry them to their food and back and hell probably even spoon feed them!!!! And it they brought out this huge piece of cheesecake with a candle on it for David cuz it was his bday dinner! That is probably the only thing I would miss about texas if we moved today. Which brings us to the next topic... Texas... Maybe it's because we're "outsiders" but this place seems soooo unfriendly. Rude, unpolite- people seem like they are unwilling to make eye contact in passing. We've ran into VERY few people who were actually halfway decent and polite or nice even. And it's really sad, I have really tried to like this place. But I continue to be disappointed with it and frankly have just come to the decision that I'll not consider myself a resident of Texas, we'll just be here 5 years and go back home when David retires. Back home to Missouri. The few people we have came across that were actually nice give me hope that maybe it'll get better but who knows. Onto the last topic... colds... Sean has one, poor little guy. Past two nights he's been up every 30 mins. He miserable I know but still he smiles. David and I are half sick but hopefully it'll pass soon. -- I will add that the people that I have talked to online who were form Texas are very nice... I really figured that's the way all Texans were. Enough whining and rambling.


Joann said...

I'm not sure why people are so unfriendly. Small towns might fare better. Is there indeed southern hospitality? When my son was driving through Tennessee, he said everyone would talk and wave. When I am wearing my taxi badge I tend to interact with people more... like a license to talk.

Kari said...

I think you're probably right about the smaller town aspect.
When we lived in Missouri we lived in the friendliest city there, so I imagine we got spoiled.

monkeemaven said...

Nah, it's just anywhere within 100 miles of Dallas that's unfriendly. Houston and Texas in general is good. :)

Kari said...

Yeah that's what I have been told.

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