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Nothing I called so many time yesterday ppl were starting to get pissy with me but I couldn't catch any of her family in that damn waiting room. So I still know nothing. Will try again today but later, maybe they will move her out of ICU today. Ivan scares me, IF it goes the way the forecast maps say then it's going to head back up the East Coast and P&J have already got tons of rain from Frances. But I was reading where some forecasters are certain that it'll track NW towards the Central and Western Gulf Coasts. At any rate they are callnig it the 7th strongest hurricane EVER. From Weatherbug-"This pressure reading makes Ivan the seventh strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic. Only Gilbert in 1988, the 1935 Florida Keys hurricane, Allen in 1980, Camille in 1969, Mitch in 1998, and Isabel in 2003 have attained lower pressure readings." On the homefront, we have a air pollution watch level of ORANGE today.

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