Now for a real post

Enough politics. I have several WIP's (Works in progress for you non-crafters), I need to get a couple of those out of the way and start working on Christmas presents in a very serious way. Christmas is sneaking up on me.... I have some ideas going on for the boys and the girls will probably get scarves and hats, maybe some scrunchis. Might be able to throw in an afghan or shawl hopefully. I just hope my hand will hold out. While packing for this move I (while fighting a box) inadvertently hit the wall - not to hard- with my hand just really a tap, but it caught the corner in between the knuckle of my first and second finger on my right hand. It swelled up and hurt like hell pretty much the rest of the move and still does on occasion. Day before yesterday however, it got to hurting more in the middle of my hand, and hurting bad enough I had to put one of those splint thingys on it. Now it has spells where it's ok and others where I can't hardly stand it. But, the past couple days I have been on the computer more than usual working on this thing so that probably has something to do with it. So hopefully... I will be able to get by crocheting with less computer work over the next few weeks and be ok handwise. So if I don't blog for a day or two don't freak out on me and think somethings wrong I'm just working on Christmas presents, also need to work up a couple things to sell as well. And you can always read Shadydowns Soapbox- David's Blog too.


David said...

Ok I see on your mood thing you are in love, I want to know with who? Surely not that loser Clinton. I love you baby

Kari said...

LMAO NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! It's by no means whatsoever that lowlife scum Clinton. It's YOU sweetie. I'm totally in love with YOU and have never been so happy or felt so loved.

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